Suleiman Bello

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Suleiman Bello

MCM, BA (Hons), MBCS, Director

Suleiman Bello is a dedicated entrepreneur and a passionate leader – throughout his personal and professional journey, Mr. Bello has sought to leverage his knowledge, experiences and resources to support the fulfillment of this mission in businesses, organizations, and the telecom community.

Currently, he is the co-founder for Telecom Reliability Methods Limited, a strategic information technology and telecommunications management and development consulting firm that works with government agencies, corporate organisations, telecommunication operators and educational institutions to improve telecommunications organizational effectiveness and support strategies for change in the industry.  Mr. Bello works with the management team to provide executive leadership and direction for all aspects of the company, including the management of internal operations, product and service offering, partnership opportunities, marketing, business development, technical direction, and various support.

Suleiman holds a combined honors degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Information Technology from the American Intercontinental University, London. An excellent communicator with international exposure, acquiring multi-skills for the onerous responsibilities he has undertaken over the years.

Amongst other responsibilities he undertook, Suleiman is Director of Sanbell Group of Companies, a firm with interests in manufacturing, agriculture, properties, import/export and education. His passion and dexterity at co-coordinating multiple tasks improved the fortunes of the group and prepared him for bigger challenges. He was subsequently appointed the Chief Operating Officer of Defcom Technologies Limited, an information technology firm, with strategic alliance with Huawei Technologies Limited of China, one of the leading IT and telecoms equipment manufacturers in the world. As the COO, he was saddled with the daily operational responsibilities of the firm.

His strength of vision and relentless entrepreneurial zeal made him to play a significant role in the founding of Equatel Telecommunications Limited and invariably earned him a seat on the Board. Suleiman is continually looking for new grounds to conquer. A member of the British Computer Society (BCS) and the Institute of Directors (IOD) in the United Kingdom.