Non-profit and Community Technology

Non-profit technology is an emerging body of knowledge and practice that promotes effective use of technology by civic organizations to advance their mission. Community technology is a powerful tool for revitalization, but only as powerful as the people who use it.

Both non-profit and community technology are evolving, complex and have a profound impact on the people, organizations and communities where we live and work.
Our non-profit technology philosophy is based on two basic principles. First, we believe the organization’s mission, not technology, should drive the use of technology. Second, strategies to use technology should build organizational capacity, not reliance. Based on these principles, we involve stakeholders from across the organization to create a holistic technology roadmap, establish new processes, develop leadership, and strengthen the organization’s ability to succeed.
We employ a holistic approach to community technology that considers not only the technological tools – websites, databases, networks, geographic information systems (GIS) and the like, but also the context and surrounding environment within which these tools are used.

Our Competitive Edge

Telecom Reliability Methods Limited offers a rare combination of skills in research, program implementation and application, and systems development. We bring to our clients creative management practices and technical solutions that are cutting edge and transformational.