IT & Telecom Education and Training

Education is rapidly changing with more choices, expanding services, new technologies, and greater emphasis on accountability and assessment.

Telecom Reliability Methods Limited understands the extraordinary challenges facing the education community in the 21st Century and we believe that high performance counts in the corporate world and the classroom setting.
Telecom Reliability Methods Limited assists schools and institutions of higher education in enhancing educational outcomes for students, parents, teachers and administrators. We recognize that novel organizational processes, innovative technologies and new policy insights are all tools that allow educators to better support educational operations and most importantly, improved educational achievement.

Our Competitive Edge

Telecom Reliability Methods Limited leverages its experience and expertise in education to mobilize the best technologies, the right people and needed skills to give clients a clear competitive edge. Our commitment to education gives added meaning to the quality products and services we deliver.

Among our education clients are Ahmadu Bello University, Abuja Training Institute, Mustapha Comprehensive School, Digital Bridge Institute and Essence International School. We work closely with our clients to improve academic achievement and enrich community life. Education is our enterprise.